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About Us

Your Neighborhood Bar & Hookah Lounge

Privilege Bar and Hookah Lounge

Privilege is a bar and hookah lounge dedicated to bringing a unique experience to our customers. Relax and unwind with good food, good cocktails & good friends in a laid back atmosphere while listening to some of today's hottest music. We have a 30+ age restriction and security on site for your safety & protection. So join us and let's get this party started.

Day to Day


Happy Hour Specials

It's the return of the High Rollers crab legs and our special Wednesday menu.

Every Wednesday

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Happy Hour Specials

6pm-7pm $5 Lemon Drop Martinis

7pm-8pm $5 Wine

8pm-9pm $5 Tito's  (shot)

9pm-10pm $ Jose Cuervo (shot)

Thirsty Thursdays

Join Us for a Great Time

Happy Hour Specials

8pm-10pm $5 Margaritas (bottom shelf)

8pm-10pm $10 Wings & Fries Special

Every Friday

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Happy Hour Specials

6pm-12am $10 Patron Silver (shot only)


Happy Hour Specials

5pm-8pm $25 VIP Hookah

5pm-8pm $15 Bar Hookah


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